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Biblioteca dell'Istituto di ricerca per il Teatro Musicale - IRTEM - Roma - RM Your help is needed on the following:  digital scans program booklet  
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Concert Anniversaire Pour le no. 100 du Le Monde de la Musique Your help is needed on the following:  program, photos, program booklet, etc.  
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YOURI EGOROV   -   THE PIANIST   -   THE COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY This   website   is   an   initiative   of   Wim   de   Haan   from   the Netherlands.   This   non   profit   website   is   not   affiliated with   any   foundation,   record   company,   management   or other organisation.  With   special   thanks   to   Mark,   Jurriaan,   Paul   and   Stan. You   might   like   to   check   out   the   FULL   website   on   your PC or Laptop. Tablet users do turn your device 90°. A MESSAGE FROM THE FAMILY OF YOURI EGOROV We    would    like    to    thank    Wim    de    Haan    –    the founder   of   this   website   and   a   very   pleasant   man for   all   that   he   has   done   and   continues   doing.   It   is remarkable   how   Wim   manages   to   find   the   forever lost    records    and    interviews    of    Youri    and    gives people     the     opportunity     to     learn     more     about Youri’s   life   and   his   work.   Wim   is   a   real   idealist   who is   not   materialistic   and   often   even   invests   his   own means   to   get   new   material.   He   does   not   make   up stories   about   Youri,   but   step   by   step   reveals   the tragically short  life of the pianist. Thank you Wim. Youri’s family
CONTACT contact  Wim de Haan
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